Atuador Elétrico/UNiD


The 90-degree rotary electric drive (UM/R series) is provided. The valve body adapter is in accordance with ISO5211 and the torque is between 90 kgf/cm2- 35000 kgf/cm2 .   According to the customer's needs, the appropriate model is used.  Our company also provides customized system. 

The UM/R series electric drive provides a smooth, reliable and powerful drive system, and both provide a mechanical pointer opening indicator that can be used to view the valve opening position from above the driver or via the wiring to the control box. All series are equipped with manual devices, which are used in case of power failure.

We also offer a proportional drive, 24-hour operating electric actuator, Vertical operating electric drive (rotary pull / straight pull), Frequent-Working and Failsafe Electric Actuator.  

The proportional control (90-degree rotation or pull-up type). The valve opening degree can be controlled according to the current or voltage signal. The constant temperature control can also be applied (optional: unpowered micro-motion open, VR variable resistance, proportional controller), relay, overheat protector, thermostat controller, simple line field controller)